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Ush what a day again! 

No, i am not complaining, i am just facing the fact that the few minutes i have free is when i sleep. So yesterday, i had a friend over for dinner, it was very nice but i was so tired that i was shaking. I went to bed and felt asleept after some chapters reading of White fang. This is super interesting for me to read my favo book again, with more adult eyes. I really understand why i liked it as kid: this wolf is straight, make rational decisions and is faithful to people around him. But a funny thing is that i thought that the chapters were longer than they actually are.

I slept and although i have really problem with summertime, i woke up at 5h23. Since i had a big program for the day, i got up, ate breakfast and …. cleaned my flat. Not that i wanted to, only because at 15 today some people should come and make picture of my flat for the sailpart.

At work, i tried to clean my mailbox and i tell you, there is some archeologi pieces in there. You know, the things that you never really want to deal with because this is uncomfortable. I thought i was not a person like that, i use to reply directly and so, but the past half year, i had other things to do at work than to clean my mailbox and honestly, this is a pain in the ass
now, because the first thing i have to do is to beg the other person pardon for the time left. Don’t worry, i did reply to the urgent or important mail in time, but the ones who are left are like little promises here and there and this is a hateful behaviour. Well.

Then, i spent the day on a course with some colleagues and somehow, no one of us understood really what it was all about. Personally, i was waiting for something very different, and apparently, i was not the only one. The room became like a big kindergarten for adults and it was funny for us, but i don’t think it was it for the man who was trying to teach us something.

I had to go home before the end of the lesson to let people come in in my appartment and take pictures. A real fotograph with a big camera and umbrellas was here and it was funny to see him working, even if i had to answer a 45 min long phone call for the work. It was perfect because it was exactly the time he needed to shoot.


I made some hundred phone calls again for an appartment in Linköping and i grow slowly tired of it. “no sorry, we have nothing free for the moment” is the most common answer i get. I will go there on thursday and try the physical method. But if someone has a tips, just write me a mail leiaot at i am on the border to be desesperated!

Then, i started my work computer and wanted to optimise the evening with laundry during some hours of work, but it was not possible because the laundry room was busy. So i booked it for 7 on thursday, this may be suicidal actually. Ah well.

Tomorrow, i have a meeting kind of special. I asked for it in more than one year and when i finally get it, i will tell the people there that i quit. This is space. Like who tells that it’s not the goal which is the more important but the travel there? Maybe some chinese somewhere (in China prolly), sitting on a tatami and watching water running down a fountain or so? Ah, anyway.

Now, time for little preparation for this wished meeting, but before that, for you, faithful readers, the song of the day, just because this playback is laughable and because i need some positivism to take me through this f***** search of appartment: