Tu sais pour être femme, on peut bien briser son âme plusieurs fois

Oh so many things can happen in 24 hours…

I went to Strängsnäs yesterday to watch a movie with 2 friends. We watched “Sarah’s key“, and it was a sad but so common story, for people having some past in WWII. Kristin Scott Thomas is really good in such roles. The colors were also wonderful, kind of blue and green and some red excatly enough for the drama. Plus one lesson was:

“always pay attention to people around you and put their names in your memory”.

picture taken from here

After the film, we needed some martini to think of something else. It was a hard story. We had a nice dinner and i was driven home around 11, which is pretty late for my little me.

This morning, it was a fight to get up. I really felt how early it was, even though the clock was showing something else. I managed to go to work within a correct time and today my boss said officially that i quit my current job. Don’t missunderstand me, if i am leaving this job, it is only for private reason (read: to give my life a new start on the private area) and not because i did not like this job. I actually had a lot of fun here and will miss everyone (well almost, at least 98% or so!). But this is time for me to have new challenges, to start to play rugby, to take dance lessons, to sing in a choir, to discover a new area of Sweden, to think of which house on the country side i will buy in some years and so on.

Anyway, i worked as hard as i could and at the lunch, i went home to meet a appartment sailer (broker??) in order to sell my flat. The funny thing is that we discovered together that i had a room under the roof to stock some things if i wanted. I have been living here for 5 years and i miss this store… Really riduculous ahaha They will come tomorrow to take some pictures and everything should be online on friday. I just hope it will be sold quick.

Then, i made some phone calls for to appartments to hire in Linköping but it doesn’t look good there. I am not really sure on how it will turn, maybe i should buy me a tent and camp until i find something.

I went back to work then and later, it was time for floorball session. We plaid like potatoes and loose all our matches. Really lame, but i felt tired and i dunno, this appartement history is stressing me in a way.

Ok, i am now waiting for a friend, super hungry but bouh, no, i am mostly tired.