Good morning Vietnam!

When you think that my body tells me that it is 9 oklock and that the clock says it is 10, then I am pretty proud of myself. I have been painting and putting some ordning and i think it will be good at the end.

The balcony misses some flowers but i have a plan though (too much plants indoor, so i will put them on the balcony when it will be time for pictures or visits)



I also decided to recycle the table i had on the balcony to a “office” table and i painted it in white like to make it fit in my living room. I got more space there since i sold one of my couche out. So there too i think it will be so fine!


The only thing now is that it smells painting inside, but it is a nice smell me thinks (as long as i don’t get head ache). Well, now, time to change my painting clothes to my running ones and try to take a run in the forest. I haven’t been there since oktober or so, so it is exciting.

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