Trophée Andros

So, a little update on this wonderful sunday, since i noticed that you readers are quite faithful. I dunno why you come back, but i apreciate it!

Ok, so after the previous post, i went out to take a run in the forest and it was like participating to the trophée Andros with an old Fiat. I was surprised to see that i ran 12,5 km/h even if i almost died 5 times or so. Very sunny, but very icy.

When i arrived home, i checked my painting works and it was already dry! Ok, it smells paint in the whole building
but no matter. So i finished my mini home styling and i am pretty happy with the result. This is btw the first time my laptop is on a real table. After studying i got some allergy agains “desk for work” at home, so i refused to get me a “laptop station”. Which doesn’t mean that i am not all the time online, no. Just that it is unconfortable enough to make other things sometimes. Anyway, here you go:




For thos who may visit me before i move, be careful. This chair i am right now sitting on is dangerous and btw painted with my left hand, meaning: she won’t follow us in the moving to Linköping. I like how it turned out with the table. The wood did drink a lot of the painting which gives it an old fashion effect or so. Me likes.

Ok, i am soon off to Strängnäs for a cosy evening, maybe i should take a nap before that.