Silly pretty little thing

10 oklock and head ache at the door.

The sun is shining as hell but it is cold, so i just postponed the run from today to another sunny but warmer moment. as usual i spent the saturday breakfast watching på Skavlan and Bob Geldof was here. He was talking about how important love is for everyone. Yeah, true, but i wonder if he had the answer for people having noone to love daily like. Ah well.

I wrote some emails yesterday to the rugby club in Linköping and even to Löpplabbet to find another running clubb from june and on. This is pretty exciting to start from scratch (or almost) again and i am very satisfied so far that i was successfull for my plan. I am pretty good in timing too when i look at what was my goal.

But i need now to make some moves here in my appartment. This week end will be pretty boring, i have a lots of painting on the planning but who wants to buy a half painted flat?!?! So, after this article, i will just change clothes, put some good music on and give some energy to the balcony and the hall. Suck already!

The song of the day is pretty random, even if i like it. You get to enjoy the big Freddy: