Just take it and thank the world!

Life is a gift. A real gift. Like today for me. I felt i had butterflies in my stomach. OK, i woke up with a hangover. Not surprising when you know which nice evening i had yesterday, but to get up was a fight, even if i woke up early.

Today, i finally was able to keep cool with the brain controll i have been making during the past weeks. I took a step forward in my life. I am all excited, released and at the same time a little sad and scared. I am going into something new and leaving behind me a lots of cool people and things. I sincerely hope that the cool people will follow me in the new start of my life though!


Oh but i feel so tired for now, i wanted to take a run but it is just too cold for me today. It was snowing this afternoon, like when can we be sure that we’re done for this year with snow??!!? So, i will boil some water for a tea (U and J, i already begin to live like you haha) and take a nap before some evening activities. This week end will be full with painting on the balcony, in the hall and stuff, replying to the people who wrote me b-day cards, to resign some internet and energy
contracts and some sleeping too. I will honestly try to take a run too but i only wish that it will be a little warmer!

The song of the day is about what i felt the whole week: the will to be released, to be finally able to tell people what it was all about. I feel really good about it now, everything will be fine and my future will be bright as my friend said.