French evening with tapas

Oh my, yesterday, i ran the KM3000  and loose… I came at the last place with a time of 14min 22sec. It was a “closed-to-death” experience though… I woke up several times last night with pain in the legs, and i don’t really know if they are caused to this KM or to my unfit myself…

This morning, i drove to Uppsala to a meeting and was pretty happy to see that they began to clean the streets from all the shits and stuff. I drove back to Eskilstuna after tha lunch (that i did not eat btw) and tried to work this afternoon to efficient as possible, but you may say what you want, when a stomach is empty, then the head just focus on one thing: to find food.

I came home and made a really quick home made chocolate mousse and got some nice visit to spend a really nice evening. And the question i am asking myself is why did i wait 5 years to invite them for a evening? We had a pretty french dinner, with Champagne, Crozes-Hermitage and Chartreuse. One thing is sure, tomorrow, no hang over!


Tomorrow, i don’t really know how it will go. I don’t think i want to think of it now. I will just try to get up at the normal time and then, go to work and try to do my best. I am pretty sure though that i will quit pretty early, just because i will fall asleep on my desk, or so.

The song of the day may be is some random from my playlist from tonight. Sorry, i don’t feel engaged to find something better.