Get a life…

… yes sir, pretty soon. I am just finishing assembling the puzzle. I came quite far now, but it costed me a lot of chocolate and my knees hurt…

It took me some time to get here:

2010-12-28: i just plaid with my camera, funnier than to put it together

2011-01-09: i realized that my destiny was pretty much to be single and put my puzzle together

2011-01-31: after some intense weeks at work, i sat again with it during a sunny and cold sunday and tried to repair the massacre i did when i moved the carpet

2011-02-11: i got some precious help for the bottom

and today, 2011-02-24 it is looking like that:


I think i will feel abstinens when i will be finished with that. Then, i got 2 possibilities: 1) i go and buy a new puzzle or 2) i go and get me a life…

Puzle has some good therapic qualities on me though. I get all relaxed when i sit a while and try to put it together. well, some say that i have an uncurable optimism… Even when it gets to find some quality to put a grey scale puzzle together. Ah well!