Fire alarm

This has been a calm day today, even if my first awake moments was early this morning and because of the fire alarm.

I had a very nice and strange dream last night. I was with a friend of mine about to go to bed, in a very late summer night (the sun was up and it was already warm) and we were supposed to spend the night in the room of an old frnech friend of mine, in a very white appartment, with a high roof and in the room, there were 2 windows and a door to the balcony. I went to bed first and my friend thought it was too hot, so he was opening all the windows and doors to make some air coming in. He has a very green and blue Björn Borg underwear. At the end, he gave up and went to bed too and i woke up because of the fire alarm mentioning that the batteries were dying.

I texted this dream to my friend and he asked me “how do you translate this?“.I don’t know. Since this is not the first time that there is some heat in the dreams where he is, i may unconsciouly think that he is hot? One thing is sure, i KNOW that he has this green and blue underwear, because i already saw him with it on.

The song of the day is a spring song. Enjoy!