I woke up this morning, heard a pretty neird-o news on the radio and even if i was super tired, it just made me happy and i got up like a duracel rabbit and hop, i was ready to live another day on the planet earth.

For the record, the info on the news was that maybe one day, it will be possible to buy service to search about archeological things with others conditions, which will make the whole bill become cheaper and stuff and this is good! yeah! (hum, not sure everyone got what i tried to tell, but it doesn’t matter really).

I was also pretty efficient at work today and made something clear in half of the time i planned to use. OK, i did disturb my colleagues quite a lot to get some help, so they lost time, but in the end, i think the company won.

Ah, another thing: it was -23 degrees this morning when i went to work. I can tell you that it was a wrong day to be dressed with a dress. I tested.

After having eaten Gulasch soup, i will now change my clothes and go to the last intervall training before the half mara in Paris. I am not sure the whole content of my stomach will stay inside my body during the training, this is the second test of the day. The intervall trainings use to be so hard that i almost puke each time at the end of the training, but tonight, it seems like it would be “nicer”. We will have to run 10 times 800m at a marathon speed. I don’t really know what it means, but i can tell you later!

But i feel full of energy. Because of 2 special things: this nice and long phone call with my friend yesterday and several hugs from another friend today. I love my friends.