I maybe succeeded with my poor english and my poor persuasion power to convert another friend to read on here. Maybe it was because i showed the whole world his underwear the other day!

The fire alarm thing from the other day gave me some trouble last night. I had a dream with a good friend of mine and we were travelling somewhere, checking in in a hostel and the reception guys wouldn’t let us in peace without gaving us like hours of explanations about things to do in case of fire or problems in the hostel. The last time i met this good friend, we were together in Berlin in december and we lived in a hostel that was pretty good, but god how cold it was to take a shower, no risk for fire there!!

And i will meet this good friend next week end in Paris!!! yippie!!! I am really looking forward this week end even if it will be some sweat and tears. I cannot wait to see my friends (even it the party part may be limited this time) and also to test to run outside, on a ground free from snow. I have strange feelings for the half mara. In a way, i feel a waaaaay stronger than for the broloppet, but this is still 21 kilometers that i will have to run. I was pretty serious this time and trained almost every week 3 times. If i missed a training, it was because of some evening meetings with the work and not because i did not want.

Well, almost. It happened once that i changed to my training clothes, went outside and just made a Uturn back home
because i found it too cold to run to the training. haha well, once.


Since i registred to Paris, i run almost 200 km. This is impressing my little self. Even if i am on a little level, i never thought i would be so serious with running like that in my life. For the broloppet, i had almost double time (217 days) to exercise and ran 310 km under the training, at an average speed of 9,03 km/h. I almost gain a whole kilometer per hour! I also run almost one kilometer more per week this time. Plus it was winter the whole period for this time! I may get a star just for that, no?

I ran the broloppet in 2h08, i am willing to make it under 2 hours in Paris. Maybe it is too optimistic, i had the wind in the back the whole time on the bridge between Danmark and Sweden, it may be different in Paris. Plus there is a uphill at km 17 in Paris and this is exactly there that i promised myself to NEVER EVER run a marathon last june. But at the same time, i ran some 17km pass during this training and it was ok, so maybe it will be successfull? The one who live will see.

For now, this is friday evening, i am enjoying being at home after a full week of work, without any travel somewhere, which is rare (it will not exactly be like that next week, or the week after or the week after after) so i’d better be glad for the rest i have now. And i am! Except a run and a nice invitation to dinner tomorrow, i don’t have any plans for the week end. Oh wait, yes,
this laundry is waiting for me again… But i will try not to think of it for now. I will cook myself a nice dinner, listen to cool music, puzzle, read my book and take a looooong night of sleep.

The song of the day is a french one just because i thought i dreamt when i heard it on the swedish radio today. This is also a thing that reminds me this friend i dreamt of last night, because we heard it in a shoe shop in Berlin together and she was telling me “don’t you know this song? what?”. No, Some things don’t get easily outside the french borders and french music is one exampel. Anyway, here you go:

And for those who did not leave the work for this week, here comes another song, just to give you themotivation to switch your computer off and go home: