Try not to breathe

I sat down on my soffa for the first time since saturday and i refelcted 5 minutes about all the things i experienced since my last potatoe-soffa moment. A loooooot!

I would like to pass away and singing to myself “i will try not to breathe, this decision is mine, i lived a full life”. I would like to be proud of what i did and for that, i need to begin to make things, because i am getting older and time flies. I have this to-do-list before i turn 30. Well, i am searching, trying to do my best. Most of the time at least!

I got the feed back from the surprise i did to my friend and this is actually why this article may be a little depressing. Not that it was a bad surprise, but most because it is all about trying things, don’t be afraid and jump over some boundaries, even if you don’t know where exactly you are going to. It asks some courage to get over ones fears. But what can possibly go wrong? It is just about trying and believing in yourself.

To believe in myself is something i use to do very good. I am very selfconfident and just don’t see why things could possibly go wrong. But sometimes, when i think too much and too long, when i am not very sure but for stupid reasons, i need some help. I need something to remind me that if i, myself, don’t believe in me, then who will do it? That’s why i made my second tatoo. It will be 2 years now, time flies as i said. I don’t look at it very often, but when i doubt, then i think of it and remember that if one person in the whole world should believe in me, then it is precisly ME.


blablabla. Yeah. I am pepping myself through this article. And this is good to make it. If you need some cheer up too, then, the song of this article is for you. It is the number 4 of the list of the 30 most uplifting songs of all the time that a friend (thank
G <3) helped me to find and i like the melody:

Plus i know someone who thought he was in the videon. But if you can read swedish, you may take a look at his blog, it is pretty good: