run run run forest! and in the forest, there is plenty of…

… trees. yes!

I have een up since 5h43 this morning (not the same mistake than the other day with this odd time 5h58) and i haven’t stopp since then. At work, i did a looooot of things but absolutely NOT what i planned to, which means that friday will be stressy. We have to send things every month for the controll of our projects and this is always bad timing for me. Even if i book time to make this, i am always short of time for that.

I got an mini emotional moment today at work though. A good one. We had an annual meeting for an association at work fixing activities for the employees and stuff and it was time for me to quit this role. I have been like president for the association the past year and engagement in the board since 2007. It always have been really funny to lead the group and make nice things together, that are not work related but the past months, my ordinary work took me too much time and i was not making this association work with total engagement, so i decided to retire. I received super nice flowers. I even got a special price (2 cinema tickets) for my “incurable optimism and good mood”. This was super cute from the board.


When i got home, i also had a surprise: i received the 2CD from Marvin Gaye that i ordered by myself the other day, so i let you imagine what i am playing now super loud.

A propos surprise, i did not had any feed ack yet from the one i made yesterday. Well, the more i think of that, the less i think he will find this is funny or nice. This is always a bit dangerous with surprises to people you don’t really know.

I made something stupid with my time since i got home tonight. I compared my day with the one of Blondinbella.

This morning, she ate a very healthy breakfast. I drank tea and praid to find a banan at work because my fridge was empty.

She then told all the world that she was selling a dress, bought for 2000-3000 kr for the one making an offer. She only had the dress twice and grew out of it. Poor Bella. When she posted this, i was receiving flowers and gifts and loading for a ig lunch.

Then, she posted a lot of pictures of friends making party i don’t know where but surely somewhere i cannot go in and talked about already made vinaigrette and stuff.. Also, there is one thing we don’t have in common Bella (yeah, so intimate are we!) and i, this is that i can make a vinaigrette by myself. So while she was admiring the industry of sausage diversity, i can look at myself and think “wouhaou, i am so AWESOME!!”.

After that, she was telling about how good this is to make some sport and how bad this is to drink wine, because you become a fat cow. Well, i knew that too and i am currently in a white period, taking an end soon though, but this is not my first time. So we had that in common: not drinking nowadays. But when i think of it, i notice that i am a way stronger than she is because she allows herself to drink during the week end and i don’t. Ok, i had some Sancerre and Pouilly fumé last week but it doesn’t count!

She ended the blooging of the day with an article on how good the dinner will be and i am jealous. I have no dinner in my fridge plus i need NOW like, to change my clothes and go out for the intervall training.

We have kind of different life and i cannot approve with her life style, but i have to admit that her success makes me pretty jealous. How a so young people can make so much while i, really getting old, did not achieve the half of her realisations? ah well, we will see tonight how good it goes at 8 times 600m with 60 seconds rest in between. Maybe i could buy her dress for 5000 kr and tell her “look, it fits me!” haha well.

The song of the day has to be uncurable optimism and in good mood, so here you go: a swedish band, frustrated by long winters and trying to let you think they from sunny country: (everything is
in cheating your brain)

By the way, i am on vacations tomorrow too. Train it will be too, let’s see if this is as exciting as yesterday.