Pleasure is everywhere in life, even in train travels

I had a day off today and i used it to go to Gothenburg. Don’t ask me why but it was super cool.

It begann in Hässleholm. No, it begann in Eskilstuna with a cold of duck. It was so cold that i was admiring the snowflakes falling: you could see the structure of it and i always been fascinated by that. I took som epic with my phone, but it’s not of the best quality.


Maybe you’ll see better with a litle zoom:


Well, this was a bad quality, but imagine!! Wonderfull, and at the same time, the sun trying to come. Very nice. Plus a train almost in time!

But no, i lied. This wonderfull day did not beginn with snow, but with a surprise. Me making a surprise. I love to make suprise to my friends but i make it to rarely. I am not sure i can tell you now what it is about, maybe he is reading on here. I will tell you about the reaction, plus it seemed very appropriate since he had a bad day today. I have a philosophy: if you can cary a shitty day without complaining, then you will have 2 good days some other time and then, you HAVE to enjoy them. So this surprise may comfort my theory: maybe he will think another day was good when he will get the surprise and forget about this tuesday.

Anyway, back to our sheeps.

As i said, i had a day off and i travelled to Göteborg. This morning, i was sitting closed to a very serious man, with computer and stuff and he was actually together with another man, sitting behind me. I asked them if they wanted to switch places in order to sit closed to each other and talk about what they wanted to talk about but i got a no. I translated this in 2 ways:

1) i am soooooo attractive that everyone sitting near to me want to stay there (for the record, it was the guy, let’s us call him Al, near to me who replied, the other (let’s us call him Bundy) was sitting behind. yes, you are following, good!). Ok, so now you’re In: Me sitting near to Al and Bundy sitting behind. Al and Bundy begann to talk about work with each other. They were on their way to a customer, apparently already angry at them for too expansive work without result. The train was delaid (no, not much, 30 min, which is a good average for a 3hours travel from Stockholm) and Al called the customer. After the call, the both were not very proud, it seems that customer don’t have any humor for train delays nowadays. They were working on a presentation, Al had it on his computer and they were commenting some numbers ant things and sometimes, they asked each other “do we have a clue why it stands like that?” and the answer was “euh, no”. In order to fix this little detail, they had 2 tricks: number 1: put the numbers in red like “we know something is wrong but this may be caused by an ovni” and number 2: erase the number. I don’t know which one the customer will like the most but Al and Bundy did not seem very
secure in the train. When the train was approaching Gothenburg, Al got up and explained to Bundy that this kind of meeting is rutine. Bundy seemed to be a new employee, he was for exampel asking how many hours he should use to make this or this and Al was always replyins like he was the king, but again, if i had been the customer, i would have not been it anymore. The answers were like “well, depends on how much do you like it, the customers don’t see any difference anyway”.

For the record, i did not understand what they were working for. They were kind of analysts working about health things, plus i don’t want to kill Al and Bundy, but this made me both laugh and cry. I just wish the customer is not paying that work with my taxe money.

Oh, i forgot to tell that the train this morning was also a bit funny. There was only one toilett working and you had to go in the very back wagon. The doors to this wagon were broken, and some snow was coming inside the wagon. I mean, you need to have a solid heart when you take the train!


Then, i arrived at the station in Gothenburg, i had 30 min delay and originally 31 min to take the other train. I think i never ran that fast in my life but i think that a lot of people in the station may have laugh: I ran the hell out of me, but in the wrong direction. I just saw my train going away while i arrived at the opposite gate of the station. Depressing. But good to know that
i can really push and change train in 1 min, only if i know the gate.

There was no snow in Gothenburg, really pleasant to walk there. Most of the streets were also cleaned from all the dust from the winter, it was really a spring feeling.


This is my shadow, just in order to make like all the good bloggers: outfit of the day: jeans from Killah, vest from Stockhlm, Coat from Bergans, bag from ?


I bought a warm chocolate at coffee house and took my train back to Eskilstuna. It was funny there too. Well, not at the beginning. An old lady (read about 45 years old) sat near to me (we will call her Renée). So it was around 17h and Renée decided to eat. Fine. But she decided to eat a banan (BEURK!!) and a strawberry-yogourth (RE-BEURK!!!!). i did not tell how sick i felt just by the smell. This chemical strawberry smell is awefull. Well, i was trying not to puke, it was kind of a hercule game there for me.

A little later, a 20 years old girl, (let’s us call her Emilie) who was an emo girl, was painting her nails in black. It smells wonderfull. But Renée did not like it. Not at all. A big debate about smells and stuff grew in the wagon and i was dissapointed to be forced to go out of this train at my connexion. Renée was jut being silly and Emilie tried to reply nicely, but a bit emo
though, it was funny.


In the second train, the one between Katrineholm and Eskilstuna, i inspeted the garbage. Not that i was hungry, just that sometimes, people throw away things in unthinkable places. Exampel:


Yeah, dont’t ask me what this thing did here. It made me laugh anyway. I was listening to a new playlist in the train and some songs were capble to be Ibiza songs, like this one: except that singing in Skånska is not nice to the hears. Sorry for that.

Oki, this is not exactly the article i wanted to write when i sat down but i have been pretty unfocused by nice chats on the side, so i may write something better tomorrow.

Good night people and enjoy your day!

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