Life in slow motion…

… or not.

I had a crazy week. Really, with no minute that was unbooked. I made everything from running, taking the train and coming in time, recreate my laundry problem, discovered cray things in the trains garbage, read books about travel and evasion in the cold north, getting some colors in my hair, seeing a pretty nice film, thought of selling my guitar, working of course, reading the horoscop and so on and so on.

The things i did not do this week were: to rion my shirts, to clean my flat, to have calm and long phone calls, to cook healthy food, to respect my white period, to read the news, to sleep longer than 6.00, to go to bed before 22.00, to tell a compliment to someone every day,to use dental floss, to call Leonardo Di Caprio for our night together, to water my plants. So you got it. My time is not enough.

You may wonder what Leonardo Di Caprio makes here. This is very simple. I went to Gothenburg yesterday to buy the pappers and in the horoscop there, it was written that for fish like me, Leo is the passion, together we will spend really nice nights and stuff. So i just need to call him and “pick a moment”.


Yeah, laying on the sand, with a drink and a book or nice compagny and thinking of meaning with life. But if the sun refuses to shine, i would still be loving you. If mountains’d crumble to the sea, there would still be you and me. When i sat in the train, i had some philosofical thougths. It seems that someone around me is having the same kind of reflexions and it would have been really nice to meet and talk, but it did not work, so we took in via sms. Which is not the best way if you want my opinion. 1) it takes a long time to developp an idea 2) this has to be a short idea. Anyway, we have to meet and it is just to pick a moment.

Well, “just to pick a moment” is easier said than done. I feel already that my calender for this coming spring is full with things. Today, i got the very nice surprise to get a flight from friends to visit them, we also “just have to pick a moment”. Plus that another friend asked me if we were going to make a motorbike week end somewhere. Same: it is “just to pick a moment”.