Valentine’s day

Well… For me it is just a sad count down to my bday… In one month, i am turning 29 and me doesn’t like it! At least, not the idea of having achieved nearly nothing and to become an old bitter woman. Well. Instead of complaining, i will tell you my day, because it was a funny one.

I woke up at 5h58, which was not the funniest part. Not because it seems early, just because it was in the middle of the sea weather at the radio and this is like useless and monoton. If you want energy to beginn your day, then, don’t listen to P1 at this time of the day. So i just got up, ate breakfast after having pushed the laundry drying (my flat seems like after an atombomb explosing, with clothes everywhere since it was big laundry day yesterday) and i had to clean a pan to warm up my milk. Well, kind of waking-up-after-a-war-feeling. My thermometer said -12, so i put my cap on. I don’t like cap.


At 6h57, i was outside and walked to work. I noticed that my hair was freezing on the side, so i thought it was a cold -12. I also met a guy walking and repeating to himself “global warming, global warming, global warming”. It made me laugh. It was almost day when i arrived at work. Plus that there is a very big amount of snow just outside from the office. It would make little french kids crazy! But here, we have no humor with it anymore.


Like you see the trees how little they are? Snow! I was beginning to think that this guy repeating global warming was pretty depressed and maybe i should have give him a hug or something.

Then, i started my computer around 7h09 and worked the whole day. The phone did not ring once today, it was really calm, i wonder why btw. I got max 10 mails, i really wonder why it was so quiet today. Oh, i had to swear a lot too, word making some complications. It lead to a group therapy with 3 colleagues, me telling my dreams about homo friends that are not gays. I also heard that the temperature was closest to -25 than -12 this morning. Well well…

I also got invited to a 30-years bday party to which i won’t be able to attend. I love my french friends, but it would be much more easier if they would be born the same day/week, so that everyone could have party at the same time… Well, it wouldbe party once a year though, but it would be a big party! Well, sad a little…

At 15h20, we were meeting for the floorball game of the week and it went pretty well. I had ZE flow you know. I was not marking much, i think i just shot one goal but i made some good passes and it felt good. I am feeling fitter, this may be good to continue to train even after march the 6th… I need to think of that with myself.

I had some good laughs too direct after the floorball, when everyone is trying to make some situps but no one make more than 5. I heard a lame joke in swedish the other day and it made me laugh a lot, still now when i think of it actually. Plus that a colleague did forget her trousers to play, so i borrowed her mine ahah the whole thing was funny. It was still hell when i went home, pretty nice!

I even noticed that the more you tackle people hard and deep, the biggest are the chance for you to get the ball. So out with the ass!

Then, i came home, tok my shower around 17h14 and ate my dinner. Maman, if you are reading this, then stop to read some lines. I ate a tea (drank) and some nutella on bread tartines and it was really good, but not healthy at all.

Now you can read again Maman!

Well, i feel pretty tired tonight, but good. It has been a good monday. Tomorrow is a luxury day: i am on vacations.

Valentine’ day…This is not for me, because i’m not in love. I haven’t been in ages it seems and i wonder if i ever will be in love again. Maybe it’s all fitting together with my destiny to end upp all alone. Who knows..

Instead of that, i will think some minutes for all the guys i’ve been with and shared moments. From all the relationships i had, sometimes it has been me who cried a river, sometimes, my other ex-half. I learnt a lot of each of these moments, it built me to who i am now. I dedicace all my exs this nice Diana Kralls song:

And for my future man, if you dare come, now that i renounced: