What for a day yesterday…

Here you got my day from yesterday. It felt more like 3 days together and i both liked it and not:

– 5h20: i got up, took my shower, ate breakfast and went to work

– 6h20: i started my computer at work, read and replied to 4545641 emails and fixed a lot of things until my frustration grew for one thing.

– 8h15: my frustration exploded

– 8h16: i called back a friend and he was actually about to dissapoint me. Which kind of broke my morning.

– 8h20: i worked again, hard.

– 9h00: coffee break with the colleagues and i couldn’t even smile at some bad jokes

– 9h20: back at my desk and hard work

– 11h30: i shut off my computer and drove to Uppsala. During the travel, i had a telefonmeeting with a colleague to fix some things.

– 13h03: i arrived at the office in Uppsala. Discussed with 5456415 lovely colleagues and it was right about the time to drink coffee at 13h30.

– from 14h00 to 16h30: i had to fix a future meeting for work but my phone rang all the time. I never experienced that before… I mean, my phone do ring often at work, but yesterday, i had like 3 minutes free between each calls. Which made the meeting preparation kind of inneffecient.

– 16h30: 2 colleagues and i went to Mc Donalds to eat our dinner

– 17h00 – 18h30: we drove in the dark Uppland to a evening meeting with an association that is interested of our projects

– 18h30-19h00: i had to visit a very nice spa in  Väddika and prepare myself for the show

-19h00-20h30: Ze show in front of like 50 men around 60 years old. I was ok, but it is better with some women in the audience actually. Women are always giving you uncounscious feed back when you talk to them, like they nodd all the time, look at you, but men can be very cold and it is more difficult to feel if they are against or with you. Well, in Sweden at least. In France, there kind of people would have taken lots of cow shits with them and i would have taken some protection with me. The funny thing with this presentation was that everyone was in socks and not with shoes. VERY IMPORTANT to have neutral socks!!


– 20h30-23h00: we drove back to Eskilstuna. Long way but nice discussion in the car.

– 23h00 i parked the car at work and got kind of scared by a strange man outside the office. I waited some minutes and almost ran home then.

-23h30: i jumped in bed, called a friend who was awake and told him about my day. Ah, i forgot to tell that the one who was about to dissapoint me change his mind and everything is all fine. Plus i decided to take a day off next week, like in the middle of the week and it feels like luxury!

The other luxury part is that i took sleep morning today and woke up at 7h25. I will take part to a whole day meeting today so i thought it would be better to be awake today, else it is hard to keep motivation up. But in 15 minutes, i will pick up a colleague and go to this meeting and hopefully will have a day as good as the second part of my yesterday.

Oh, an i got a reaction for my threat letter and i must say that i went all afraid a second. But i will meet
the person i sent the letter to today, so it may be very funny.