Wahou, life can be beautiful.

But there is one thing i regret: the night always have to less hours. I need more sleep, always. Right now, if i would go to bed, i would sleep until tomorrow afternoon i am pretty sure.

Also. What happened since wednesday evening? I did the chocolat mousse very late, went to bed and did work like 11 hours yesterday. It was a good thing. I needed to achieve one goal and i did it. I even booked another vacations day next week and it is totally unrealistic: i have no meetings booked next week and a lot of over time hours, so i took my tuesday and my thursday off, just like that. 2 normal days that i will spend in “vacation” hihi luxury!

I had some visit yesterday and it was a very pleasant evening. We ate foie gras, salmon, mousse au chocolat, drank Sancerres and Pouilly fumé and we talked the whole night around. I even got some
precious help for my puzzle.


It snowed like 30 cm during the evening and the night, so all my dream of spring are now just blown away. Btw, it’s blowing pretty hard and cold too. But i don’t really matter, i will go to bed very soon.

Oh, and i even got a packet from Closed with some clothes for the half mara. Thank you J!

I am so tired that i cannot finish my sentences, so i beg your pardon, you will get bigger article tomorrow. Good night!