What a day today – the return

Since i wrote my whole day this morning, i can describe the one that is not finished yet:

7h25: i got up, ate breakfast, went online, wrote an article on here

8h55: i picked up my colleague at her hotel and went to the meeting for today. We were quite a lot there, super nice to see people so involved in their jobs and able to take discussion. There was a funny thing too: a TV team were filming for some soon coming swedish TV program and i regretted not to have take better care of my hair todya. Ah well, everyone can have a bad hair day, even me

17h00: went out from the meeting, one hour late, and had a mission for a sick colleague. She had to stay at the hotell tonight, so i needed to buy her some things in order for her to pass the night. I had to buy, among other, lense for her eyes and she already had called a shop and i just had to pick up the things. The funny thing was that the shop had moved since the last time i went along and i had to search for it. Funny when you know how big is Eskilstuna

17h20: i went to buy some food too

17h55: i was cleaning my flat (i got some visit tomorrow and i don’t want to feel ashame that much).

18h20: i dressed up for the intervall training

18h30: i went out and arrived at the hotel from my colleague to give the little things. The poor was too weak to pick it up by herself. I hope she will be better tomorrow though!

18h45: i arrived at the training, chatted with some friends there

19h00: 2km warming up and then 5 times 1000m with 90 seconds pause in between. We had to make 7 times but i just couldn’t. In my planning, i forgot to put “eat” and i was about to throw up.

20h18: i arrived home after some holliday on ice on the way home. This is horrible nowadays, you think the spring will come, but no, you just got some more ice and cold weather. Bleh!

I was a bit down after the training. I have about 20 days left before the semi marathon and i wonder how i will make it actually. Here ‘s the run:



20h30: i was cleaning the floor… very nice…

20h45: i jumped into the shower

21h10: i sat here to write some things.

On my to-do-list for tonight, i still have to make the dessert for tomorrow evening and to SLEEP!! I am not sure i will manage to read something at all but i will try!

Maybe i already published this song, but this is not a reason for me not to like it anymore. So here you go, some Mano Solo for the hope:

Quand tu me diras que tu me vois plus, que tu m’as trop vu, que tu peux plus me voir, quand tu me diras que tu me sens plus, que je sens trop fort que je pue la mort. Quand tu me diras tous ces trucs-là, moi j’entendrai rien, je serai déjà loin.

Dans la musique qui m’emporte et qui me prend dans ses bras. La musique qui me réchauffe la tripe et qui pleure avec moi.

Quand tu me diras que je te fais peur, quand tu me diras que ta vie elle est ailleurs, quand tu me diras que l’amour est un jeu d’enfants et que t’as plus quinze ans. Quand tu me diras tous ces trucs là moi j’entendrai rien je serai déjà loin dans la musique…

Quand tu me diras tous ces trucs-là moi j’entendrai rien tout ce que tu me dis c’est des conneries. Moi je penserai qu’à te prendre la main, elle sera toute froide mais ça fait rien, fait rien, moi je serai parti, je serai déjà loin dans la musique…