Threat letter

I did something really childish today: i wrote a threat letter. All the story began at a party when a guy stole my xmas gift. Actually, it may be that i did not understand the rules for picking up the gifts, but this guy went into my handbag (yes, you read right!!! A guy looking for something into the most intimate part of a woman: her handbag!) and he took my gift, which were 3 books that i really wanted to have.

Some days later, i wrote a nice email to him to get my books back and he replied that i could borrow them sometimes, if nobody else already had borrowed them. He even joined a formular to fill in for the registration at his private library, library that only have 3 books to borrow. I gently replied that he must have missunderstand my email, that i was not asking for borrowing the books, but to get them back. He did not reply anything to that, so now i thought it was time for me to get to the second level: the threat letter.

It took me quite some time to make it, but i hope it will pay ahahah