Like in the 90’s

After i wrote the article yesterday, we had a very 90ish evening my friend and i. We made some food, ate together, drank tea while talking and it was a super nice evening in his company. As i said before, it has been a long time since he and i sat and talked for real and i missed it.


On the pic from yesterday, you could see his arm. On this one, you can see his feet. But he also has a brain, and a heart and i really like J very much. If i was Paris Hilton, he would be my bff.

We also went out for a 16,5 km run and even if it snowed, it was really cool. We talked almost the whole run and 1h38 for this run was not bad at all. Really happy of that. It feels safe for the 6th of march!

Oh, I also have a sad news: the palm i tried to save is now dead. Yeah, less than a week after baywatch, i had to let him rest in peace. Well, i still need to dissicate him but the palm has now a replacer: Pamela. (nice name, euh?)


I also received 2 CDs yesterday evening, so i may link to one song of Hoffmaestro today, because the music is good!