So here i go!

This week end seems clean in a way. I began it with a long run, talk with a friend, then, a nice film and i went downtown to take a drink with another friend to finish the day. It was an alcohol free evening of course, since i decided to not drink alkohol until i will have run the halv mara in Paris (tactic to be lighter and run faster). But this is actually a very good thing not to
drink. The pub was full with people yesterday, it seems that people did not get off with all their money of the month yet. At the beginning, it was quite ok, people were behaving but around 11, it became horrible. At least for me and my sober eyes. So i just went home and laid in my bed to read a little.

I had pretty crazy dreams last night, about loosing shoes in water and meeting all my familly in strange places. I cannot put it all together though. Strange.

For today, the sun is shining, my body feels pretty tired from the run of yesterday but not my brain and i have some stuff to finish at work so i may go there and work for some hours. This is actually ok, better to make these things calmly and sleep well tonight than think of that, sleep bad and make these things in stress and bad. So i am soon off to work.