Today, i ate a melon. Nice to know, huh?

Tonight, i had a bunch of french friends on the phone. I told them that. Yeah, we have this kind of deep relation that we can talk about things like that, like what we eat. But they all screamed at me “WHAT? A MELON NOW???? ARE YOU CRAZY??? IN WINTER???”

But if you are carefull, the cantaloupe is orginally from Africa. And this is the season THERE to eat them, so i am not that bad. Except that i live totally unecological.

While i was searching for a picture for a melon, i landed on wikipedia and read that melon belongs the family of cucurbitaceae. Interesting, because my most hated vegetable after the carrot is pumkin, but i love melon. Lucky me who choose a cantaloupe, good for the heart and immune system, and not the muskmelon, which is a “usefull laxative” according to wikipedia. What is a “usefull” laxative? like there are some which aren’t? i mean, when you eat something laxative, either you wanted it and this is very usefull or you did not know about that and they are not usefull. hum, Wikipedia sometimes…

Anyway, i wish my friends a good week skiing in the mervellous french alps. It’s now time for me to go to the bathroom. I googled wrong.


2 thoughts on “Cantaloupe

  1. Cantaloupe? In winter??? :-)
    Well, today I finally get to go to the alps too!! We’ll think about you!


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