Fake it till you make it

Happiness is just a state of mind. Or? You may have noticed that i had some bof bof days recently. But today was a very good day. Successfull at work, we put together a good work in team and in a good mood too.

I called a friend and was happy to hear him telling me that he will visit me tomorrow. This has been a long time since we had a long and calm chatt, we mostly talk on the phone when one of us is busy with something else, so it will be very nice to sit with him and have a long conversation. Well, it is still friday tomorrow, so there are big risks that i fall asleept at 21…

Then, I went home, jumped into my training clothes and just went out to explode my personal best at 5,65km: 26min 23 seconds. And it was ice everywhere, so i am very satisfied! It feels good for the half mara.

I had a missed phone call when i arrived home back from running, so i even got nice laughs while calling up this other friend after my shower.

This is sometimes so easy to cheat your brain and make it believe that you are happy. Actually, i know one living thing on the earth who understood what it is to be happy. Here comes a pic:


This is Chichille, a proud chinchilla that lives with us (i will talk about that in some lines) and is the most happy thing in the world. He entered the familly in 99, when i was studying in Metz. When i moved to Grenoble, i had a too little room to take him with me, so he moved at my parent’s place. There, he showed how selfconfident he is: just ignored the danger with the cats, running everywhere when he got some moments of liberty and got some chocolate when it was time to go to bed.

My parents did move some years later and and he followed with them of course. Now he is living in the best room of the house: warm in the winters and cold during the summers. And he is still not scared with the cats. He is sleeping the whole day, waking up to get some food and partying during the night. Who don’t want to change life with him?

Not me anyway. At least not today. We got the filmclub second film tonight and i am looking forward to it. Last weeks film was so good that i have high expectations on the film tonight!

The song of the day is a little uptempo, ENJOY: