Modern talking?

Oh gosh, what for a day again! It was a good one, full of work, discussions and I am actually happy to sit on my couch now. I am hanging around version 2011 with a friend of mine, visiting for the night and we are both sitting there, with our laptops on the knees and writing mails, talking to each others via bacebook, this is cool. Like we don’t really need to look at each other.


Today, i learnt a lot about relationships and i also had to admit to myself that i am not best in every situation and maybe i overreacted on tuesday, when i was so irritated.

Oh, and the palm i tried to save is now dead for real. So my friend and i went to buy another one. I took something easier to handle this time and everyone together: “we wish you a long life!”

For now, i need to let the laptop on the side and hang out with my friend in a more 90’ish way. So see you later but you may enjoy the song of the day, which was all given: