Oh and my dream from last night

I have to tell you, it was a funny dream.

But first, you need a little context: I have been to a party for some time ago when i felt for some reasons in the need to gently beat some people with a book. It has been some injustice toward me and i felt like the responsible and another guy had to pay, so i just beat. The thing is that i wanted to reach the top of his head, but this guy is like a lot of swedes, 2m tall and i am only 1m66, so i just reached his nose. He got a nice mark and was pissed off of course, but i did not notice everything at the moment. Maybe it was because there was too much people around, i was not really carefull. ahha ok, it was a xmas party and i had tested some nice drinks during the evening.

Anyway, since this party, i feel pretty bad thinking of this poor guy being beaten with a book by an histerical french girl because of nothing.

For the record, it seems pretty common un France to beat people with books, like culture doesn’t hurt.

So last night, i dreamt that this guy and another friend booked me at work for a meeting. So i went to meet them and they ahd booked a special room, that had a big oven in it. They put me in the oven and put on the heat, but not too much at the beginning. Then, they began to ask me terribly embarrassing questions and when i did not want to answer, they just turn the heat a little more on. It was actually a nightmare. I woke up half naked and really thinking who these guys are for real. This is the most advanced torture method i ever experienced.