Overdose of endorphin

I love mondays. It may sound crazy, but i do. Mostly because of the hour after the work, when i play floorball. This is an hour during which a lot happens: pain, laughs, goals, runnings all around. Tonight, i surprised a colleage of mine saying pretty shy “dick” just after having missed a pass. Ahaha More than the unappropriate word, it was the situation that was funny: he noticed that i heard him and became all red in the face ahahah

Some minutes later, i made a “ass-defense”, meaning like the guy in black, but with the ass much more behind. This same colleague just couldn’t stop and i think my ass broke his precious parts. It was embarassing for him, so he did not complain but the situation was very funny.

A little later, i got all my toes from the right feet “broken” by another colleague running a little bit too fast and a little bit too uncontrolled. But my production of endorphine is working well, so i was mostly laughing when i went out. Plus i feel good.

But today was also a day when i thought “never again”. I got the same feelings than for some months ago about a thing at work and i really begin to think that it would be better not doing anything at all than doing what we are doing.

Another funny thing today: I had to make a phone call to a big boss in the company. I mean, we are like 4000 or 5000 working there and i am at the plankton level, so even if people in Eskilstuna know me, a bit farther this office, i am not that celebrity. Anyway. I called him and the conversation was like that:

” ja, this is M.Z

– ja, hej, this is Ms.X from Eskilstuna

– oh yeah, hello you!

– like you know who i am?”

and he told me that yes, he knew who i was. This made me proud. Proud of what i dunno, but to be seen is mostly what each of us is off to, or? The other day, i also received a mail (like 40 other people of 4-5000 maybe) from our big boss and i also wonder if he saw me by himself or if he got some random list about people working here.

But no one of them could help me with my problem. I think it will be more clear next week, but it begins to be critical. I dunno. Maybe i am being to inecperimented, but it doesn’t feel good at all, and it is strange to go against the stream. Well.

For tonight, i bought some nice food, so direct after my shower, i will cook me something nice, i will eat while watching some TV program and then, i will continue the book that i am currently reading.