14,08 and 1:26

This is sunday, day of the rest. Or not. I slept pretty bad, woke up at 4 this morning because of a thing at work and i honestly don’t know if our plan will work. This is not often that i woke up like that and think but i don’t know how to do for real with this thing and it asks quick decisions and peopleable to help me are all skiing next week, so it means i will have to take the decision by myself and take the consequences of it too. Not nice when it is about so much money and when i honestly doubt. Ah well, i will see tomorrow.

I listened to the sea at the swedish radio at 5 in the morning. And then, they have this ridiculous jingle making one crazy. A little later, there was a interesting sending about how the cold weather can hurt you if you are training outside, but i felt asleep. I will have to listen to it someday.


But then, i took myself outside for a 14 km run and it was good for the heart and the brain. A little cold, a little icy but i was pretty proud of myself, after 1h26 of sweating, with a pulse not higher than 195. Rare for me.


this is the view from my living room. It is all bleh outside on the floor and honestly, it destroys so much shoes! A friend of mine and i had a discussion about motorbike on facebook and i must admit that i am waiting for the spring with patience, but it begins to be long now. I want to travel around on my little love and spend days on the road. My plan for this summer and to discover the Swedish coast from Stockholm to Gothenburg.

I also have to choose the idol i will write a letter to. You remember, i decided to make some things before i turn 30 and in the list, there is :

- write a handwritten fan letter to my favo artist

The thing is that i don’t want to write a handwritten letter if some random secretary people answer to it. I want the artist himself/herslef to read it, to be touched and to invit me for lunch or dinner. This ives some conditions: the artist has to be in Europe (not sure i will get the plane ticket), it has to be someone that makes things i like (i wouldn’t be able to play) and some one who is not very known (with no secretary). Iam totally off now with french artists it seems, and the swedish one i like are living abroad or are famous. Well, as you notice, i have some road to walk before to sit at the table of my idol!

For today, i have some things on my to-do list:

  • to save the palm, dying slowly
  • to write a letter to my grand mother
  • to finish the book i borrowed to my friend and which is very exciting to read
  • to clean my flat
  • to make the laundry, else i will have to go naked tomorrow to work
  • to take a looooong and warm shower
  • to put the puzzle a little more together. I have been lazy with that lately, but mostly because i don’t see anything at night here and i am coming in very sensitive grey scales for now. Plus a nice dog did help me and walked on it las monday.


This puzzle was a good investment. Also 149 kr for so much hours feeling good and usefull! I never thought it would calm me so much, but it does!

Oh, and i have to train on cooking. In 2 weeks, i will have some nice visit here and i have to defend the french honnour in the kitchen, like making a 3 courses dinner that is eatable and fine. I already have the pre course, the wine that goes with but i really need to find something cool to make for the rest. Honnour is something to fight for!

And shit, i forgot that i also have to check the result from the handboll game tonight. This is pretty important for the day at work tomorrow. Maybe i will receive more beats than usual at the floorball game then, but so what, i’m still a rock star, i’ve got my rock moves and i don’t need … ahaha what for a bad association! No, you wont have it as the song of the day. Not today, because it is sunday and because i need motivation, i give you 2 candies instead of one: Markus Krunegård singing with familjen. Familjen is playing super loud here and Markus is a fav of mine. Mayne the one i will write
the letter to? anyway, enjoy: