Currencies and langage exercices.

Today, i think i had enough for all my money. Even more than i expected but it took life from me. Sometimes, you feel you know some people but at the end, you know no one. Both in the bad and the good way. I got like shit from someone i thought was good to me and a lot of good things from people i never really saw before. Yeah, here we are again: to see other and be seen.

Anyway, after a 11 hours day, i gave up, just came home and i am putting a playlist together, a long and calm playlist, because i am planning to make my langages better with a good, hot and long bath.

For the ones who wonder, Bath is the third of the places the most appropriate in the world to learn a foreign langage, the two others being Bed and Bar but working mostly when youhave compagny there. Well, you got it anyway! But i had enough compagny today. I had enough of talking, defending myself and my opinions.