It has been a tough afternoon here in Eskilstuna. I have been trying to save my palm, and i am not sure that it will work. But i will describe just for you how i did.

1) I put my reddest monokini.


2) I took the plant out of her home and tried to take off the “bad” potting soil from the roots


3) I gave the roots a good shower


4) I dried the roots with the best friend of the girls with long hair


5) I put the palm in a more little pot and with new potting soil


6) I found new friends for the palm. I believe in the mental power when you recover from a illness. So i hope they will talk together and cheer each other


The best parts of it were:

  • it took me the whole afternoon. No shit!
  • my appartment did get a real cleaning afterwards, i had potting soil and watter everywhere.

So now, i have a whole chicken in the hoven, France is playing against Danmark right now and i need to take my shower.