A propos Speach

I noticed that i had to read a little the news from the city i will go tomorrow and present under the morning and i found a interesting video of one speach i made sometimes in june about one of the projects i am taking care of.


when you look right at this screen shot, the part under, then, you can notive that no one liked it and no one disliked it. And it was watched 155 times. Which means that this commune TV is much more popular than my blog, even if i try to talk about funny things. In mu blog also, so you may imagine how funny my presentations may be when it is about work!  I remember anyway that i was VERY tired at this moment. The show was at 7 in the morning and i have to drive about 3 hours to get there, so it was not sleepy morning not. This was also quite interesting to be interviewed outside too, the weather was perfect, and all the interviewed people had the sun in their eyes, which made a very nice bunch of blinking people on web TV.

Well, no TV tomorrow. No pappers either, i hope so. I did not cut my hair since a while, so it would be a shame to be on the news tomorrow.

Btw, i hope you enjoid the pretty only picture of myself on here.