Emotions, speach and what you do of your body

Today was a long and full day. This was also the first time since august 2010 that i woke up at the right time and got up as quick as earlier. I always used to get up 3 seconds after the alarm, put the music and began to dance and sing, but i don’t know why, i was always super tired the 6 past months in the morning. But not today! I was singing pretty loud to Robyn and went to work pretty loaded with good energy.

I got 2 invitations for 2 big parties in France this spring: one that we were waiting for since a loooong time and the other one is a 30-years party. I don’t think i will attend them, mostly because of the travelling money it costs. Yeah, i have a plan to follow, remember? But the more time goes, the farther i feel. We don’t write as much as we did before, I feel lik i don’t miss France as much as i did and somehow, this is maybe like that life is made to be. Live, learn and move on.

To move on is easier said than done, though. I had to experience that today again. Well, everything is about which expectations you had from the beginning and the more you build them up, the biggest are the risks that you get dissapointed. But i am just like that. I cannot deal with grey, or badly. With people, i need black and white relations. Or 0/1. Or all/everything. This is difficult for me to step it up slwoly with new people i meet. Not that i would marry everyone, but i like to have sincere relationships and it goes through engagement, may it be friendship or more. Plus that i have to tell the people i like how they dissapointed me ahaha this is not a good combo when you just met someone i tell you!

I will held like 2 presentations tomorrow in front of influent people and i don’t feel specially good prepared. I talked about these things 2549843 times it seems. I am not scared or so, i think i never was but i don’t like to feel unprepared. Well, i have like 3 hours in the car before to come to the point, so it may be enough to get in. To be really honest, i was a little scared before making a speach once. This was when i received a price for something at work, i had to tell about 200 people how thankfull i was. And i really was, and really wanted to thank people who helped me to achieve this actually little thing. This is a big deal to be honest and open your heart in public for somehting your really mean. After this speach, i got quite a lot of good comments, it warmed me. There was another time too when i cried at the end of a speach. I was guest to a party and had to tell people my history in Sweden and i ended the speach by singing the 4th part of “du gamla du fria” which is the Swedish national antehm. I really got emotional there, because the words reprensent something for me.

I also watched a documentary tonight about the body and the expressions you bear unconsciously. I have to work on it if harder if i want to become the first swedish president. This is also very conforting to see that the one who are cheating can be discovered very quickly: you cannot fool good people readers if you are acting fake. They showed some interesting videos about mainly american presidents and this is very interesting to see how they both manipulate watchers and also are discovered as cheaters. Well, i like this subject. Should read more about that when i get the time.

ah maybe it’s neird-o to put Justin Timberlake as the song of the day, but shit, girls also need eyes-candies, for their bodies.

oh and because it’s only monday and that girlies need some energy to stay alive until friday, you got another one:

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