Capital, the return

It was time again (and i am not complaining!) to spend a lovely evening in a european capital, and this time it was in the Swedish one. Ok, not that impressive when you know that it only takes 2 hours train for me to go there, but to meet M there and have nice moments was a pleasure.

The weather was not the best, like snow mixed with cold rain, and even if we were active, we did not see much if light. Nowadays it is like dark the whole time, but soon it is turning the other way around. Nice, because i am a little fed up with day that are 4 hours long like.

The last week before christmas is coming and i feel the same motivation as i was feeling last year. I don’t really
like Christmas and if it goes on like that with the years, it may just dissapear from my calender. There is just one thing i wish me for christmas and i actually get it every time M looks at me. This feeling of existing through the eyes of someone you love is strong. ForReal.