Happiness and confidence

Since i wrote the previous article, I’ve been hanging around in my flat, showering, reading, talking on the phone, and mainly listening to happy music and dancing all around. Lucky me with noone able to see in my appartment!

I also watched Skavlan and one old swedish actor came and gave some tricks to improve your confidence. I’ve lately been thinking of that. Confidence is not something i miss. I mean, i believe in myself in most of the situations (like 99.5% of the cases) and i am pretty happy of that, that i can trust myself and what i believe in and act in consequence of that. I had a discussion about that the other day with a friend and i am not sure this is a good thing to say that you are very confident. Well, it doesn’t change the done, i mean, you are confident or you aren’t and if you think you are, then, you think it. (you got it?).

And happiness. This is also something i can say i feel nowadays. OK, as everyone, i still have my own issues, but i can live with them right now. And happiness is good to spread, so i decided that i will always tell people if i think something positive about them, no matter in which context and who they are. I did it at the party the other day and it was very cool to see that it
touched the person. Just to be clear, i do this for the other, not for me to get the feed back that i made something good. Ah well, you got it anyway? right?

So you got a happy picture for this: the one i made when my little sister was born (i was 5 when she was born, but i don’t draw better now)