Oho, is there someone in the woods?

I am back home after a very good stay in Linköping and a nice day at work today. Well, i did one the thing i can make while i am still in my 20’s: i went to work after a good party and with a serious lack of sleep. I felt a little younger when i took the train this morning, just thinking that it would be obvious for people seeing my eyes that i did something cool last night. No Mamma, no need to be chocked, i will tell what it was.

A reflexion: i lost 10 readers in 2 days. Also. People. Really. You can’t leave me like that? I did a publishing try from my phone but it was not really simple because

1) i had to focus on other things and

2) well, it was not simple.

But what do you need readers, more exciting stories? more often? better links to music? i would even be ready to put a Jean-Jacques Goldman song on here if it would please you, but COME BACK!!! I LOVE YOU!!!! Just for you, fidels, here come a nice video:

So i was in Linköping, the first swedish town that got the honour to receive my feet ever in history. November 2004 if i remember well. I’ve been there a couple of times since then and it has always been very interesting because of the human contacts i had there, dunno why. This time was not an exception and i tell you something: i do love hanging around with nice people. I had really deep discussions with people i don’t know very well during the past 2 days. This is extraordinary exciting to get to know someone new who has a story to tell. It began already in the car to Linköping with a colleage, went on on the lunch then during the evening and the night (hard to go to bed when the discussion is meaningful), during the second day at the conferences, and yesterday night. I was guest at a party and even if i only knew 4 of the 40 people, i had a lot of fun. It had been a long time that i plaid “war” with a fake weapon, hiding like profesionnal warriors behind plants ahah. This was fun, but this morning, it was less fun when i had to get up, pick up a train and go to work then. I even put a strategy in place to avoid to make it but it did not fully work out though.

When i began to write tonight, i thought i was inspired, but now i notice that i was just very tired and i think i will stop the massacre for tonight.

Here you got your song for a peaceful friday at home, enjoy: