Three dys away from home can be really exhausting, even if it was a lot of fun. I noticed that when i woke up this “morning” after a 13 hours long night. I dreamt of these 3 past days btw, and it was all up and down in my dreams though, but i woke up happy. I also realized that last time i woke up without alarm, it was last sunday, only one week ago and it seems like it was an eternity ago.

2011 4836

This is a picture i took some days ago. I thought it would be nice to have some colors in the article. I have to please the 5 readers that came back yesterday.

If i was a good house keeper, i would already have cleaned my flat, went out to buy food and fixed my bags from this week and prepared the packing for next week, but no. Instead of that, i ate breakfast while watching some youtube link that my lovely sister sent me.

I also read the pappers and this was not happy today. Le Pen’s dotter is making her coming out, it doesn’t sound good for 2012. The poor wolfes have to hide in Sweden, maybe they can ask some advices to the president in Tunisien. And still this crap of articles in the swedish pappers “if you eat a lot of fatty things, you will die young and fatt”. Blondinbella is training even if she lost a friend recently (3 days off the internet and i lost what she isup to in her life…). Ok, this is not funny to loose someone, but this is totally ridiculous to put a picture of herself on the blogg to show how much she cried and stuff. I dunno, i am not afraid of talking about what i think, feel or do, but when it goes about these kind of personal things, i think it is indescent to talk about it (when it just happened like that) so publically (new word?). Anyway, you won’t see me posting pictures of myself crying because i lost someone. Well, you won’t see me often posting pictures of myself anyway. -not angry, not bitter, just a little bit harder, faster, better, stronger-

i know, this is clearly a repost from earlier. But life is a repetition, right? But not today. No, today i will make something i have never done EVAAR!!! I will go and see live a hockey game. Since i began to work in Eskilstuna (like 2006), a colleague of mine promised me to take me at one and teach me. And he came like this tuesday and asked if i had something for me on saturday because he would like to take me to a hockey game. So i cleaned my agenda and hop, hockey it will be! I think i never even saw a whole game on the TV either, i dunno anything about the rules and stuff, but i am very excited about this event! I wonder if it is as gentle as rugby, oh this will be cool!!!!

ok, time for some Skavlan for now and then, off to Gävle!!