It will be ok at the end…

.. If it’s not ok, it’s not the end.

I repeated dramatically this sentence to me like 15651541 times today. You know, life is like surfing on a wave, ups and downs and i am feeling like i am surfing down all the time and don’t really know how to handle it, every time that something negative comes, i tell to myself that it’s not the end, because it’s not Ok.

But i am a lucky girl who’ve got a boyfriend and friends that are helping me to maybe get up. Oh, don’t be afraid, my life is not that sad either. It’s just a turbulent period in some way. I am looking forward tomorrow evening to drink a beer with some friends and friday evening to be free for the week end and a visit to the swedish capital. I don’t really know what my dear planned, but no matter, to hang around will be just perfect. And maybe there will be a little time to watch TV? I would like to lay on a bed and watch something idiotic on Tv.

Oh well, high time for me to go to bed. The song of the day is approximatively the messages i got from my friends: