Take care of yourself

I’m travelling with my daughter to visit friends and relatives. This is both exciting and a challenge. Z, who is 21 months old, discovers a lots of new things every day and refuses to sleep during the days. She doesn’t want to miss anything at all.

We visited the botanical garden in Tours this morning and saw these flamingos, who were taking care of their pink clothes. They were so delicate and applicated, it was pure Zen to watch. They know that they need to put some time on maintenance to shine later. That’s the same with Z and her sleep, she doesn’t know it but some sleep during the day makes the afternoon even more exciting. And that’s the same with us adults. For me, to meet my old friends and family and change environment is a part of taking care of myself. We need to calm down sometime on order to achieve better. Not more, but better. These people we meet during our travel are good to talk with. I literally took some distance from my stress and calm down. The discussions I have with people around help me to sort things out, which I rarely do when I’m in my routines. This makes me good.

Of course, we are missing our husband and dad but we will come back calmer and stronger.

When did you take care of yourself the last time?

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