Explore your environment

Wednesday at home with Z. Until Xmas, I’m one day at home per week with Z and today is a great one! We woke up around 8, ate a calm breakfast, fixed a little at home before to go and buy groceries. We stopped by the park on our way home and did swing and observe.

We saw a big bubblebee flying around heavily and exploring her surroundings for food I guess. Its flight was very heavy and slow and I guess it was the proof of a long and well lived life (at its scale).

Somehow, it’s a good metaphor: even if your flight is heavy and slow, you shall never stop explore your surroundings. I often get stucked in thoughts like “think how big the world is and I’m still living in the same place” but happiness and excitement is closer than I think. There is something to make from everything, just around the corner.

Just keep doing it, explore, like the bubblebee!

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