Let yourself grow

The routine is taking us down on Earth every day of the week here. Groundhog day. You know, alarm, news on the radio, bathroom, breakfast, teeth brushing, transportation to preschool / work, work, transportation back home, fixing dinner, eating dinner, cleaning after dinner (not to underestimate with a 21 months old at home), bathroom, pyjamas, book reading or play, news on the TV, girl in the bed, one hour of TV watching while knitting and saying through the door “sleep now, you’ll swing tomorrow”, going to bed, wanting to scroll more but deciding not to switch your filter off, listening to a podcast and sleeping after 3 minutes. This is about it every day of the week. I want to put some exercise in my weeks and more creativity but it asks planning (and motivation bigger than just ideas).

So why wouldn’t I let myself grow? I keep on thinking I could do something creative during my free time but it always ends with “no-time-excuse”. Why actually? Isn’t it important enough to me? What do I want to do during my last years on Earth? (Yesh, even if they may be several, they still are my last years on here).

When did you let yourself grow last time?

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