Try new things

Saturday afternoon. I am already almost exhausted by the morning, but in a good mood, time for watching a new episode of “The split” in the bed while Z is napping on her own. A new season is coming, Z is growing, so we needed to by new clothes for her. M needed as well and Z spent a lots of time playing in the fitting room on her own.

She discovers things every day and is very curious. A new experience can take all her attention for a good while and I wonder when I lost this ability myself, to be very curious and into things until I understood them.

The is a website where you as an adult can make a test to know if you are curious. It takes about 3 minutes and for me, it turned out that I’m 80% curious. What it exactly means, I don’t know, but from today, I’ll try to make a new thing every day.


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