Mother an advantage for the career

I read a whole book yesterday and I’m not sure what I think of it now. This is a book in Swedish called Mother, an advantage for the career and it gives advices on how to get forward thanks to your parenthood.

On one hand, there are quite good comparisons described in the book on how to act at work, being a better colleague, thanks to the behavior learnings you get while becoming a parent (like reading between the lines, being patient, choosing your fights).

But on the other hand, it supposes that you were bad at it before, that it came to you just by giving birth to a child and that everyone without kids are not so good at it either. I guess people without kid don’t have interest in reading this kind of literature but I also know a lots of people who have kids and who are bad at a lot.

Well, I guess the main purpose of the book is to give hope to new mothers in their future career and it could enlighten some. It took as I wrote one evening to read, so I would maybe recommend it because of that (and some humor in the texts as well).

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