First day at the new preschool

Today was the first day of the new life going to a non-provisatory preschool for Z. She began precshool in February this year but this was a solution the municipality found for about 75 kids who had no places everywhere else.

The previous (temporary) preschool was a bit far from home, so we took the bike there. Of course, it snowed as never during this winter when we had to make the travel and there was a big upphill to climb twice every day, and once with her in her charriot (plus thousand of clothes and stuff you need to have). The positive point was that I became very fit… We were of course a little nervous to let her there, first time she would spend time (a lots of time) without her. But it went very well, she loved her teachers, she did learn a lots of things and it was sad to say good bye the last day before the summer vacation.

After a lots of back and fourth with the municipality, she got a place closer from home (we still need the bike but we do not have the hill anymore). She and I were ther for the first day today and I think it will go very well. She had some little friends from the first precshool there as well (same situation than we had) and the teachers seem good.

She already found a friend to hug – an orange hippo – and I am pretty sure it will be her fastest track to the bacillius collection for all infections the little kids can get. I’m mentally ready for sick days.


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