It comes and goes

One week at work and honestly, it was the best place to be for one reason: AC. We have been living in a Uppsala above 30 degrees since several weeks now and 22 at the office was nice. To put the brain in action was another story though.

The nature was all dry. It haven’t been raining since a long time here and the trees are putting themselves in crisis situation. And then it rained. A big stormweather this morning and several this afternoon. A lots of water in a short time, overflooding the city lowest parts.

Yeah, weather. It sure is a topic everyone uses everywhere to break a silence when there is nothing more to talk about. International?

On Wednesday, Z is beginning to go to a new preschool. This is exciting. She doesn’t guess any of that and wakes up bravely at 10 if you let her sleep. The warmth is hard for her too. She is no more used to wear clothes either. Big changes!

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