The art of hearing heartbeat

Is the last novel I read. Very poetic , but somehow, when I read romances , I get bored.

For the rest, no time to get bored here in Uppsala. Z did finish her second week at the preschool and it went well. The weeks are long for her too and I’m happy we made the decision to have her at home on Wednesday. She seems to enjoy the new environment but she is not so happy with the sun in the face on our way to the preschool . She is a kid from the winter and doesn’t understand the point of this warming astral thing. At the same time, I ised to het prepared for the big uphill coming. We have this hill on our way to school which makes it really sweaty to go there. Not even an idea to try to bicycle up, we walk. And sweat. And the gears from my bike are frozen (luckily in the middle gear), so this 10 km of cycling everyday is sport to me. Long time ago I did one hour of sport four times a week… Well, I emphasise a little: M will drive jer to the preschool one week every two weeks, so I’ll have that much sport only twice a month. Well.

For those who wonder, a car was not an option,  both because we can’t afford it (parking , insurance, buying etc) when you think of it and because it wouldn’t save much time.

Well, time to sleep now. Have a good week!


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