Day 4 at preschool

Z is making her fourth day at the preschool .

We are testing our way to the preschool with the bike. The preschool is on tje top of the hill, so we have to swest, undepending of the road we take. We tried a longer road but with a nicer slope, but both M and I needed to walk and push the bike up (frozen speed on my bike) so it took 25 min. And this road had a long around because of a dangerous crossing from another Road. So not optimal .

This morning, I tried a more direct road, with a big slope. I walked this slope up and totally, it took only 15 min, so very worth it!


When we arrived at school , the kids were outside so Z and I staid outside as well. She wants to explore a lot, but it’s difficult for her to make it on her own with all the clothes she has on and the snow on the floor.

Then, when it was time to get inside,  the kids got fruits and I went in a separate room for an hour. I’ll come back with her for lunch,  hope it will be OK.

This is a very new everyday life for all of us now. I hope Z will enjoy it._20180222_101105.JPG

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