Next last Thursday

One week since I wrote something on here and this is representative from my life right now: the essential .

This week was a “long” week for work, meaning I was working three days. It was long days since I had to be at several places at the same time, so work over. Z had s hard week with the big teeth from behind coming out. M had a hard week with her being bad. And I spent so little time with them.

There are only two weeks left with Z at home. Soon, she will be going to kindergarten and the first two weeks, M or I will be with her, as the procedure tells. 13 months old and away from us for most of the hours of her awake time. Somehow this is hard, but I know this time comes much sooner in France. Z needs to meet more of her similar . She needs to get other inspiration than from us and we need our almost normal salary.

But for today ,we will spend time with the mammas. It has been a long time since we were all together .


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