Mokira – Andreas Tilliander

Tonight, it was show night for the family L-M. Andreas Tilliander was playing at the Uppsala castle. I tried to call several times today to hear if it was OK to come with a kid, but no-one answered . M came back earlier as usual from work, Z and I weren’t tired, so we decided to give it a try. At worse, we would have to go back home.

So we walked to the castle. Z was wondering why she was not going to go to bed after dinner, but she was curious about the destination . M bought two glasses of wine and I tried to follow Z who walked through the whole place before the concert . I was nervous that she wouldn’t stay calm. When the artist came on stage and began to play ,we put on Z her ears protection and put ger in the baby carrier . After a little bit if watching (cool film playing on the walll behind Andreas who was playing ), Z felt asleep .

When the lights were turned on at the end , she woke up. She staid awake during the walk home and after Pj time, she felt nicely asleep in her bed again.

When we were at the concert, I was thinking that we couldn’t have it better in our family . Everyone is healthy, makes something cool/useful during the days and we’re living in a city giving this kind of opportunities to cultural events. I had my lovely girl sleeping on my chest and my adorable husband on my side. What could I wish for more? Nothing . Absolutely nothing !


3 thoughts on “Mokira – Andreas Tilliander

  1. Nice to read that you seem satisfied with living in Uppsala. It would be interesting to hear your opinions on pros and cons on living in Uppsala compared to other cities you have livid in. I am aware that the needs changes over time, e.g. when when one gets children, and also cities changes over time. I think that Uppsala has changes quite a lot since I last lived there in 2006.


      1. It will be interesting to read, e.g. a comparison between Linköping and Uppsala, cities that we both have lived in. //L

        Ps I blame my spelling on the autocorrect function which seems to have some problems when I write on this site. Ds


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