First ride

This Saturday was a big day: first ride with my new bike and the stroller behind!

I wanted to test without child inside first so I drove to the recycling station to burry M’s not working coffee machine. It was all snowy on the bicycle lines. That and my lack of habits made this ride worth one hour at the gym! I’m very happy to have 8 gears,  it is needed when you start from still position. Then, you have to be careful when you turn, you need more space.

Too bad we had to return the vind protection (defect), Z cannot ride it for the moment (too windy and too cold for her without this protection). It would have been a perfect day for hot chocolate on the country side!

It will be a challenge to have 10 kg more to pull uphill to the preschool in one month, but I’ll take this as a training!


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