(For those who reads this through Facebook, just know that the publication works through automatic publishing, so I still don’t watch Facebook and ö read if you write comments on Facebook. You may write comments on the blog though, if you scroll down and click on the “+”) 

Ok, to the topic! Yesterday, we celebrated our little girls with our mammafriends. Sadly, we missed two families for some sad reasons but we thought of you a lot! We had some cakes, bubbels and lovely discussions. This is funny to see how grown up our girls are now. They go around, talk in their own language, make tricks and all if them love attention.

One crazy thing wqs that it took one hour for some friends to get back home with public transportation in Uppsala. I think it takes about 45 to walk there so it tells something about the efficiency of public transport in Uppsala…

And today M and I enjoyed some leftovers for the lunch. Good!!


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